I've worked across media, civil society, development, politics, culture and activism in Denmark, the Balkans and Africa since the late 1990s. I've lived for longer periods of time in Serbia, Uganda, South Sudan and Tanzania.

​In 2017, I completed an MA in African Studies from University of Copenhagen with a thesis based on field work focused on politics and transition in Kigoma in Tanzania. November 2019, I started a PhD at Copenhagen Business School, which connects with the research project Everyday Humanitarianism in Tanzania which examines practices in everyday lives of citizens engaging in humanitarianism outside of formal structures. See here.

I draw on practical experience from life and work in places which typically demand effort and ability to improvise. I draw on an interest in learning from culture and community by engaging and establishing networks and friendships.

I have made an effort in applying experience from Africa and the Balkans such as challenging stereotypical narratives when working with public debates, learning sessions and dissemination of information. Most recently as Project Coordinator at Main Library of Copenhagen with the Sudanese cartoonist Khalid Albaih and International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN) (2018), and by co-curating a photo exhibition at the Museum of African Art in Belgrade in Serbia – providing a platform for young African photographers’ nuancing of everyday lives on Instagram in East Africa (2019).