"Couldn't there be more intercultural exchange OUR way?"

November 13, 2019

Who talks about refugees in Tanzania, and what do they say?

November 10, 2019

#SudanUprising in Copenhagen

June 23, 2019

On 26 June I moderate talks & debate on #SudanUprising in #Copenhagen.

The Sudanese artist Khalid Albaih joins via Skype.

Kindly read Khalid's article a...

Update: Everyday Poetics: Instagramming Life in East Africa in Belgrade

April 26, 2019


April 12, 2019

Owl in Tanzanian Parliament - bad omen for freedom of speech and assembly.

January 30, 2019

On 29 January, when the Tanzanian Parliament (Bunge) was assembled in Dodoma, an owl flew in and watched the assembly. The owl is seen in Tanzanian (e...

''We've died''

January 22, 2019

Bikozulu tells the stories of the people making it through last week's terror attack in Nairobi.

See the Instagram post here

If you ask me, and someti...

FILM: Wakamba Forever

January 21, 2019

Colonianism revisited:

..''a hilarious take on Masaku and McMillan’s first encounter set in the 21st century. From a dramatic re-telling of the Kamba o...

Chuchu: ''We are not the audience. We are the story''.

January 20, 2019

Two important tweet threads (see below) which take point of departure in the New York Times coverage of the Riverside terror attack on 15 January 2019...

Field Work & more

November 9, 2018

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The Senior Protocol Officer who licked the sole of his shoe

Friday, August 11, 2017


'I left Juba on Kenya Airways seated next to a 'senior protocol officer' with the SPLA-regime. He addressed me, pointing his tongue between the gap of his front teeth, making a sucking sound when he exclaimed his approving 'tsk tsk'.


After a triple whiskey he started touching me, pretending he'd dropped things. Then he offered me to meet the president, asking if he could use my used tooth pick, and other things I've repressed by now. But let's just say, some of it included making children in transit in Nairobi. Then he licked his shoe soles while starring intensely at me.


I'm not much of a too sensitive person, and I do recognise that foreplay varies globally, but I did eventually raise my voice: 'Stop, khalas, over.'

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