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Owl in Tanzanian Parliament - bad omen for freedom of speech and assembly.

Opdateret: 6. feb. 2020

On 29 January, when the Tanzanian Parliament (Bunge) was assembled in Dodoma, an owl flew in and watched the assembly. The owl is seen in Tanzanian (etc.) culture as a warning of death and misfortune.

It is difficult not to link the owl with the fact that the assembly then chose to amend to the Polical Parties Act, so that more power is cemented in the party that has ruled Tanzania since independence.

It is a disaster for freedom of speech and assembly.

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Den 29. januar, da det tanzanianske parlament var forsamlet i Dodoma, fløj en ugle ind og iagttog forsamlingen. Uglen ses i tanzaniansk (mfl.) kultur som et varsel på død og ulykke.

Det er svært ikke at kæde uglen sammen med, at forsamlingen herefter valgte at foretage ændringer af den lov, der regulerer politiske partier, således at mere magt cementeres i det parti, der har regeret Tanzania siden uafhængigheden.

Det er nemlig en katastrofe for ytrings- og forsamlingsfriheden.

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