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Happy to see Africa Report's latest issue use my favourite photo of Zitto Kabwe

Happy to see Africa Report's latest issue use my favourite photo of Zitto Kabwe, who recently left CHADEMA, Tanzania's biggest opposition party. In this article by Tanzanian journalist Erick Kabendera, Zitto says 'he has years of troublemaking ahead of him as he seeks a new political home outside the CHADEMA party. He promises to keep digging into the details of corrupt deals to hold the powerful to account'.

Of all the photos I've taken of Zitto this remains among my favourites:

Any person looking towards sun light, which has been reflected on red, African soil, will glow. And that day in Kigoma Kaskazini there was a lot of it all. Early rain season in October 2011, thick mud, everything had a red glow from the earth. Zitto was here listening to a group from his constituency, seated in a classroom.

Portraits of people shot inside buildings of concrete and glass, without any natural light, don't really create much reflection. I wonder what portraits we'll see in the run up to the elections in late October 2015.

Taken from here:

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