• Pernille Bærendtsen

The Worst Thing Is Not To Miss Someone Somewhere

The Sudanese ICORN artist I work with here in Copenhagen - Khalid Albaih - last week, as we're preparing for a talk and a text, told me that the hardest thing is when you don't 'miss someone somewhere'. We talked about re-routing and navigation between spaces where we feel free and at home, and where we can realise dreams and plans. These questions aren't well addressed in today's debate on refugees and migration.

I myself spent years in Africa, as an expat, knowing I had a place & free space to return to in Copenhagen. But it's also a space which has changed. Europe has changed. In a recent survey Danes say that what they worry about the most is migration and terror. I don't. I'm with Khalid here; The worst thing would be not to have a home and someone to miss. I wish the debate and possible solutions could take a more humanist perspective...

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