I am self-taught, prefer natural light, and to work outside. I work with a Nikon 5000D and - preferably - with a 55-200 mm objective. Add to that a high level of imagination, a strong passion for communicating my impressions visually, to engage with people, to travel far, and with as little equipment as possible. To me photography has been part of my work for many years, and hence closely connected to activism, expression, development and long-distance road trips in rural Africa.

I have experience from ex-Yugoslavia, Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania. From working with refugees, development workers, politicians, activists, musicians and fashion designers.

There is beauty in any person, and in what others leave behind. It is not always about subject, but ofte more about personality, light, composition, colour, context, message, expression and graphic detalis.

If you are interested in buying my photos, I sell from my archive or take assignments - if they fit my competences and approach as listed above. Please note that not all photos displayed on-line are for sale.

What I love the most about

photography is to turn the most

ordinary parts of everyday

life into something extraordinary

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